Slimming plum/fibre plum - best offer.




*Notice: dear customer, for cutting down the cost of package, we import the item without the box and only with small individual plastic bag so that we are able to offer customer with a much lower price. Item send you may be do not come with any instruction, you should refer to the instruction on out listing before you consuming. Please place your order if you agree it. Thank you for your support.

Consumption advice

-Recommended to take 1pc plum per day after dinner or before going to sleep. And drink a glass of warm water (300ml) immediately.

-Maximum consumption 2pc per day.

-To achieve better result, please drink enough water.


*please consult your doctor if you are on medicine, or undergoing doctor's supervision.

*please stop consume this product during menstruation,pregnancy,breastfeeding.

*please keep out of reach of children.

*please store in a cool dry place.

*When consuming the product for the first time, it is normal if you have experience slight discomfort such as stomach cramps when consuming the product for the first time. Please drink more water to relieve the symptoms.

Ingredients of Natural Plum

1. the initial consumption of this product, most of the people using the toilet will increase the number of 1 ~ 2 times, and also increases the excretion, this is because the folds bend in the intestinal tract of the human body, straightened up 5 to 6 meters long , usually people hoarding large amounts of stool in the intestine is unable to drain very clean, edible fiber plum, intestinal will become more smooth, and to promote intestinal peristalsis via lactic acid bacteria and other active ingredients, prompting a large number of stool discharge, so consumption fiber Mei have this phenomenon.

2. add fiber plum purely green herb lactic acid bacteria and other materials, made through biological extraction technology, based on natural principles accelerate intestinal peristalsis, promote excretion of toxic, no collapse a sense of weakness. Most human consumption of this product under normal circumstances the effluent is black, rancid soft-like, but there are a small number of gastrointestinal function is weak in its excrement was gruel-like or more frequently, then you can reduce the consumption of times or less small dosage. No side effect.

Self collection at Pioneer MRT or SingPost normal mail($2) or SingPost registered mail ($4)

Payment method: cash upon collection or online transaction.

Slimming plum/fibre plum - best offer.

Slimming plum/fibre plum - best offer.

Slimming plum/fibre plum - best offer.