Pop Singer Production Casting Call





1-Do Not Ask Where To Perform, You Should Know It Is Not Fixed For All Performances;

2-Confirm Your Audition Timing Before Proceed Any Further, Make Your Day Free For Audition;

3-All Enquires You May Bring Out During Audition, We Have To Handle A Number Of Auditions;

4-Those Who Passed Audition Wait For Our Call Up Or Email;

5-Only Those Who Send In Correct Format Of Application Will Be Entertained.

*If You Are Looking For [Nightclub] Or [KTV], Please Do Not Approach;

*All Performances Are Commercial & Corporate Events & Media Events & Mini Concerts;

About Well-Fare:

1-Daily Paid With Cash Or Cheque

2-Meals Provided

3-Rehearsal Required

4-Venue Provided For Rehearsal

5-Necessary Training Provided For Those Whom Are Weak

Contact me: 93820596