1STEP Natural Mosquito Repelling Cartridge




Quick Overview

Being infused with pure natural herbal Citronella Oil, an active incredient well-known for preventing mosquito and insect bites. Its natural fragrance, when inhaled, can also help to reduce fever, and is great for colds and flu. Once opened, the Mosq-Free Sticker Series provides a slowreleasing anti-mosquito scent lasting for as long as 48 hours! Basically, stick anywhere you like!


1) Reduces the risk of contracting dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, Japanese Encephalitis and West-Nile Virus.

2) Natural herbal oil, thus safe for infants and children

3) Non-Deet; non-toxic as compared to most mosquito repellent or lotions

4) Low cost; effective


1 Cartridge/case

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1STEP Natural Mosquito Repelling Cartridge