Dogs and small animals boarding starting only $10/day! Book now!




Pet boarding at 10/day!

Hi! We provide pet boarding services at an affordable rate of $10/day! We have a one pet boarding policy at our place meaning to say only one pet will be boarded at a time to prevent fights and spread of diseases among pets. As we are around 24/7, rest assured your pets will get the best and quality carewhile they are at our place :) Contact me at 9800 1317 to find out more and do a booking! We are located at Kovan region. :) Only food has to be provided by owner, tender loving care will be provided by us for your pet! :)

Our boarding services includes:

(a) Free showers when necessary

(b) Daily walks twice a day (Morning and Night)

(c) No caging, free roaming in my place :)

Pet delivery service available as well if you find it inconvenient to bring your pet over in public transport.

$50/trip (North East regions)

$70/trip (North region, East region, Central region, South region, West region to Clementi)

$100/trip (North West region, West region beyond Clementi)