Pop Singers [ You Should Likke Here ]





- Able to commit for rehearsals ( weekdays evening & weekend daytimes ) [DEPENDS]

- Underage personnel needs guardian who above 18 or parents for audition

- Love to dress up themselves

- Able to communicate with colleagues and team

- Audition required

- Necessary will be given by producers ( partially funding by studio )

Submission of audition:

1 - Send in your particulars with self-introduction

2 - Audition vacancy subject to availability ( apply as early as possible )

3 - Whole process takes few hours to register

4 - Prepare yourself with a most confident song ( Minus one / Background music depends on experience in performances if needed )

5 - Smart dress up when comes to audition ( slippers are NOT ALLOWED )

6 - In advance 15 mins to be ready for audition

*Other enquiries you would want to find out during audition as we are recruiting different talents in this industry

*No nightclubs or KTV performances, ladies don't have to worry about that

You may want to whats'app / text

93820596 Winston