Benefits and Advantages of Home Tuition




Private Home Tutors in Singapore

STARZEST HOME TUITION AGENCY is a registered tuition agency in Singapore that aims to provide quality, affordable and reliable home tuition services to all. We are the middleman between students and tutors; we refer tutors to students and vice versa. A wide range of subjects from mathematics and sciences to arts and humanities to musical instruments are offered by our tutors.

Starzest Home Tuition provides 100% free matching services to parents looking for tutors and parents need to only pay for lessons received. We also seek to provide employment opportunities for potential tutors who enjoy the work of tutoring and assisting students in the academic area. Our business registration no. is 52906213E.

Benefits and Advantages of Home Tuition

Star Zest Home Tuition wants to promote the benefits and advantages of home tuition as opposed to large group tuition or classes:

1. Full attention is given to the student to more effectively help him or her overcome his weaknesses.

2. Able to learn and study in the comfort of the student's own home, and hence save travelling time.

3. Shy and timid students are able to voice out their questions in a one-to-one environment.

4. Convenient and flexible as the timing of the tuition is set by the student

5. The student is able to perform his or her best with care and concern from our tutors

So why enroll a student in group tuition to make him feel as if he is going back to school when he has already returned from one? The student may even have to vie for the attention of the tutor in a large tuition class.

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