Woodlands, Vista Point, $600/2pax, 97892656


D25. Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands


大牌 587, Woodlands Drive 16. 楼下就是VISTA POINT 购物、熟食中心 foodcourt 、菜场、有 GIANT SUPER、购物吃饭方便。

楼下有bus 901 去 Woodlands 转换站 (距CauseWay Point MRT 4站), 5~10分钟路程。

走去MRT也可以 。

还有bus 665 公交车直达市区。

房间不靠走廊,没有西晒问题、出入方便,屋内干净卫生、环境清幽凉爽、有家私、电扇、冰箱、微波炉、热水器、洗衣机、 不可煮.

只限出租给爱干净、不吸烟酗酒、暂不考虑奇怪行为的工作员工或学生,两人$600 (女生或情侣或夫妻) 、包水电网 (M1 Fibre Broadband 300Mbps). 三月中旬入住. 有意者请电屋主/sms 97892656

BLK 587 Woodlands Drive 16 near to VISTA POINT shopping centre. There is Kopitiam & air-con food court, GIANT SUPER and wet market etc. Take bus 901 to Woodlands MRT station only 4 stations away within five to ten minutes. Can walk to MRT too if you prefer. For tenants working in city, bus 665 is available.

The room is not near to corridor, no problem of evening sun, house is well maintained and clean, quiet and cool. Furniture, electric fan, refrigerator, microwave oven, water heater, washing machine is available, no cooking allowed.

Preferred Mandarin speaking non-smokers employees or students. Will not consider strange behaviour $600/2pax (females or couple). Rental is inclusive of water, electricity and internet (M1 Fibre Broadband 300Mbps). Room available from middle of March 2016. If you are interested, please call/sms owner 97892656

Woodlands, Vista Point, $600/2pax, 97892656

Woodlands, Vista Point, $600/2pax, 97892656